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Travel with AAHA! VA and connect to a wide and diverse audience who like art, inspiration, and historical insights. Our trips offer travelers the unique opportunity to see the world and humanity’s highest artistic achievements with the guidance of AAHA! VA’s curators and educators. Itineraries focus on educational, enriching activities that will allow you to experience firsthand how art can bridge history and the present day to reveal our shared cultural heritage.

Trips are offers year round to over two dozen exciting Virginia destinations.  Twice a year we take an ocean cruise . More than just a vacation, your Travel with AAHA! VA is a global exploration that combines curatorial expertise with a behind-the-scenes view, spectacular itineraries and interesting companionship.  Keep up with regular updates, new tours as soon as they become available. For more information, contact us by phone (804 649-7400).

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African American Heritage Cruise View 2017 Brochure