100 FOR THE 400

The vision of the African American Heritage Association of Virginia is to cultivate and elevate the awareness of African American Heritage through the collaboration of its members. The awards dinner recognizes individuals in different categories who support our mission.

Remembering the Past, and Building the Future


The 100 For The 400 recognition ceremony acknowledges the contributions, achievements, and historical moments that shaped African Americans and their communities.


We will give special honor and meaning to the humanity of slaves and former slaves. Institutionalized subjugation rendered slaves powerless and of value only as a means of wealth creation for the property owners and their families. Selling slaves, thus separating families, was the greatest way to accomplish this. Honoring them is a small measure in consideration of their treatment.

Richmond gets a new soaring statue, this one with dreadlocks

RICHMOND, Va. — A massive bronze sculpture of a young black man with dreadlocks astride a muscular horse was permanently installed Tuesday in Virginia’s capital city, not far from one of the country’s most prominent displays of Confederate monuments.


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