The American Heritage Association of Virginia [AAHA! VA] is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization. We commit to ensure African American heritage is chronicled fairly, truthfully, and accurately. The African American experience is rooted in an oral tradition of griots who chronicled struggles and triumphs from servitude to freedom and prosperity in Virginia and America. To know African American history is to acknowledge their rich cultural traditions as innovators. Though historical records have not always credited the sacrifices of time, lives, and human capital, there is no denying that African American history is American history. AAHA! VA offers programs, essays, destination travel, and other cultural experiences that define who African Americans are through a historical roadmap that returns to who they were. Journey with AAHA! VA as we bring some of the foremost Black researchers, historians, writers, cultural icons, and other thought leaders to these pages.   Knowledge sharing links the past to the now. Whether it is music, art, literature, invention, sports, or other talents, African Americans have unmatched inventiveness. Though archival reminders expose the sacrifices of time, lives, and human capital, they also show triumph over adversity and faith over fear.


AAHA! VA is timely for these times. Come join us and Know Your History, Know Your Story.


Your membership supports our efforts to facilitate, market, and promote Virginia’s African American Heritage globally. African American Heritage Tourism attracts approximately 1 billion of revenue to the state from people representing all walks of life. Your membership builds recognition of our mission and strengthens the economic vitality of African American tourism in Virginia.

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If it were not for many multicultural people who provided skills, culture, blood, sweat, and free labor, where would this country be? Early European settlers would have never had time to create enough wealth, ponder issues of the day, or start a revolution without slavery. Read in detail the vital context that depicts sacrifices and rebellions of African and Indigenous populations in early European settlements.

Know Your History, Know Your Story is a blog for personal reflection about the global heritage timeline. You will learn about the conversations that shaped events. These narratives reveal people and places, drivers of world exploration, racism, religious purity, and more.

We each are heritage and culture custodians. Culture, Health, Education, Wealth, CHEW®, is a topic acronym, a reminder to share our stories. Whether in-person/face-to-face, through webinars, video conferencing, or chats at work or play, bridging across our differences enhances enlightenment.

We are a cultural mosaic of differences with stories that began before antiquity. We are travelers from the age of exploration, across the age of enlightenment, to labors of the industrial revolution. Modern day cultural unrest has triggered attacks, bloodshed, protests, and calls for justice where there are threats to civil, human, and sexual rights. Understanding Main Street Economics, and its social impact, requires knowledge, rules of engagement protocol, game-playing skills, equity, information, capital, and a pool of loyal consumers.

CHEW discussions enable us to come together and forge enduring alliances that address topical concerns and form solutions. Though our slant is from an African American and Indigenous populations perspective, the issues are universal for oppressed populations. Whether employment, business start-up, sustainable economics, transition neighborhoods, or community development, addressing these issues calls for a paradigm shift.

AAHA! VA welcomes you as a partner in social equity that spurs wealth generation within African American and Indigenous life locally and nationally. Ours is a model for replication that leaves no one behind. Change does not occur in the absence of sacrifice. So, ask yourself, "Why should I change?" Now, look at your children, grandchildren, even someone else's child, and you will find your answer because the future belongs to them. Let us hear from you.