Agriculture Ecosystem & 

Technology Research Center



In 2020, AAHAVA formed the Agriculture/Forestry Ecosystem & Technology committee to assess the feasibility of creating a nationally recognized agroforestry, agriculture, and agro-tech research campus. The committee sponsor is Townhouse Management Ltd, LLC. 

The research focus is sustainability practices, public policy, community outreach, and long-term preservation of agriculture/forestry permaculture ecosystems. AAHAVA advocates conserving vegetation, species, and native trees that populate area habitats in Virginia.

Agriculture/Forestry/Solar Research Campus


The feasibility study mission is to assess the impact of a research park to regenerate commercial vitality beneficial to each local rural community. Furthermore, we will explore the possibilities of enhancing regional rural-urban agriculture economic development collaborations through a sustainable community model in rural Virginia. The end result is agricultural diversity, elimination of food deserts, and jobs creation.